Border Code, book 3 in the Morgan Winfeld series, is the hot new release from Canadian author Pam Robertson!

Maggie’s on the run for her life in this fast paced novella. With the fall out from Brexit, there are people banging down the door and Morgan would rather they don’t learn all her secrets. She’s on a made dash to safety, with more than bad weather and unforseen events in front of her. Thank goodness for Max!

Border Code Review

This is the third book I’ve read in the Morgan Winfeld series, and it’s my absolute favourite! It’s a fast read, for sure, following the exploits of detective/action hero/love-seeking Morgan as she zig-zags across the world with her hunky, one-legged boyfriend, and a very well trained Malinois (like a German Shepherd, and similarly used by police agencies). My niece actually has a Malinois, so it was extra special for me following Max’s adventures. He plays a lead role in this exciting romance novella, and I’m hoping the author includes him in any future Morgan Winfeld stories. (One kinky question unanswered: what DOES that man DO with his stump???? LOL) Great book! Highly recommend. ~ C. O.

We all know there is no such thing as zombies, so why is it that on New Years in NYC is seems like people are turning into zombies? Join Canada’s favourite spy as she gets to the bottom of things, and gets to know the beguiling Rob, the technical wizardry of The Fellas, and meet the title character from Maggies Song in this international adventure of drugs, badly behaved people, and the challenges of Morgan’s super hearing.

When Canadian Morgan Winfeld gets assigned to work with Ireland’s Jake Rory, they spend a few days in Nova Scotia getting to know each other and putting the boots to an assassin. It’s not long before they head to Alberta to dig around the embers of a fire that destroyed much more than people’s property, and to be involved in a fight for their lives. Being a covert operative is demanding, dangerous work, and Morgan doesn’t know how to exist without it. On a trip to Wales, Morgan gets some unexpected assistance from a cousin who helps her to better use her keen intuition. The techniques help but cannot stop things from taking a horrible turn during a mission in Sommerside, England. Morgan is in her forties, and she could easily be a retired spy who writes stories about her wild past and drinks Scotch, except she likes the work and there’s always another job to do. Despite experiencing big losses and the difficulties in being a spy in this time of technology and restricted border crossings, Morgan just can’t quit. Can she?

Border Pieces reviews…

Here readers will see a very talented, almost natural covert operative who lives and breathes the work she does, yet considers leaving the service because tragedies and other losses cannot be undone. It would be easy for her to retire and write a book about her exploits. Morgan’s grappling with her underdeveloped intuition and how to apply it in a business that’s more and more technology-based is an important part of the book’s theme. If she can figure all that out, she’ll probably become even more successful as a covert operative. ~M.C.


Move over, James Bond, and make way for the formidable new Canadian spy – Morgan Winfeld! Pam Robertson, author of Border Pieces, has given us the gift of a quick witted, Scotch-swilling, and sometimes quirky new heroine in Winfeld. The story’s plot is full of twists and turns and is heavy on suspense, and its pace is lightning-fast, but Robertson still manages to build captivating, magnetic characters who will excite your imagination…and capture your heart.
Morgan and Agent Jake Rory – thrown together undercover as loving, middle-aged newlyweds – embark upon a clandestine government mission that rockets from historic Halifax, Nova Scotia to the rough oil sands city of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta. When their mission in the wilds of Canada ends in an explosive finale, the duo move on to romantic Ireland for some much needed R&R before beginning their next assignment…R&R that brings not only an astounding personal revelation for Morgan, but a closeness that neither she nor Jake had anticipated.
A page-turning thriller from start to finish, Border Pieces ended much too soon and left me wanting more. Congratulations on a story well-written, Pam Robertson, and I certainly hope you continue Morgan’s saga in the very near future! ~J.M.

Cover for Maggie's Song

Maggie’s not going to let a rotten breakup ruin her summer at the military music school. When she meets Alex she starts feeling better, but she’s got mixed feelings about dating a sailor. He travels a lot for the navy, and she’s got a year left at university in a different province. He’s such a kind and thoughtful person, though, and those knee melting kisses have to count for something.

Things get heated in this suspenseful romance as Maggie has to rely on her wits, hand-to-hand combat training, and more than a little luck to survive the threats in front of her. Will she find true love, or is she about to make another terrible mistake?

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