Sponsorship for Writers

Think about sponsorship before you finish your book. Lots of companies are willing and able to sponsor authors, though many of them never get asked. Before you invite someone to sponsor you, get clear on what you can offer them in return, and include that in your request. When narrowing down potential sponsors, make sure […]

Don’t Poke Your Own Eye Out

Three things you need to do to get better as a writer:  1. Write more than you think you need to. Write a lot. Write in the mode you are most comfortable with (I write on a computer).  2. Read. I have a hard time understanding writers who aren’t also readers. I’m sorry if that offends you. I’ve tried, […]

Get Ready to Meet the Media

It’s tough planning for news and breakfast television broadcasts today, especially if you happen to be outside of a major metropolitan area. The few programs available repeat stories from major networks, offer sports coverage, a few lifestyle spots, but you’ve probably seen how little local content there is. This is where you come in! Approaching […]