The new cover has been revealed for the first book in the Morgan Winfeld series, from author Pam Robertson. The book was released in October 2018 and ranked in the top 50 for mysteries on Amazon (not an easy feat)! Now with a hot new cover, people browsing the bookshelves (virtual and otherwise) will be swept to the inside pages.

BORDER PIECES – A MORGAN WINFELD NOVELLA is available on Amazon, and part of the Amazon Prime program, plus it’s been released as a part of the Kindle Unlimited package for a limited time. A limited supply is available from the author, too.

Cover of Border Pieces

About the book:

Morgan Winfeld continues to work as a spy in her 40s even though she could retire and write a book all about her adventures. She likes the work, especially since it helps her escape her past while paying enough to keep her in Scotch in her expensive Halifax apartment.

She’s not one of those movie style spies in tight pants and four inch heels. She’s smart, an expert shooter, and has great intuition. She also has no intention of getting killed, despite how hard it is to be a spy who crosses borders and pushes boundaries these days.

When Morgan picks Jake up at the airport the sparks fly, and bullets soon follow. There’s little downtime for the pair as they head to Alberta’s oilfields, but there is some serious trouble. Morgan is unprepared for some of it, from doing rehab in a small clinic in Ireland, to figuring out what’s behind her weird dreams, and trying to save the world, one adventure at a time.

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About Pam:

Pam Robertson has worked as a teacher, soldier, and celebrity chutney chef. She gets her kicks writing about fearless characters, some with supernatural tendencies, despite her own trepidation about walking through the woods in the dark. Pam has had short stories, several chapters in best-selling self help books, magazine articles, and a series of three journals published. If she disappears from the internet occasionally, it’s probably because she is making a mess of the kitchen, or working on a large number of partially completed quilting projects. She still likes to eat popcorn for supper once in a while.

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