I’m excited to announce that the little novella that grew from an initial 10,000 word weekend into a 57,000 word proper story is ready! 

While not every story of worthy of publishing, Morgan Winfeld’s stories are written for people who want some adventure, a feisty spy to get to know, and of course plenty more! 

Here are a few excerpts from the book. It was published October 30 as an eBook and in paperback, via Amazon. 

“She had been well briefed about the agent she was picking up at the Halifax airport, though Morgan had met him two years previously at a conference. She remembered him because he stuck out like a sore thumb among the security professionals and former spies that were there. She was expecting a textbook tall, dark, handsome fellow in his early forties, with well defined features and stunning green eyes. Not that the briefing said his eyes were stunning specifically, but in her memory, they were sure notable. He was just off another assignment and his hair would be cropped short to complement his military uniform, which would make him easy to spot.”

And a little later…

“Over dessert and coffee, they worked out the details of their fake relationship and cover stories for work. Morgan found the intensity of much of the conversation awkward after the kissing at the airport. She had to remind herself to tend to the job more than once.”

On the job…

“There was no need for more conversation. They both knew what needed to be done. She was grateful for her boots in getting over the thin layer of ice and snow that was in the shade of the cabin. She attached the silencer onto her handgun as she moved, and stuck to the shadows.

The assassin wasn’t sneaking at all. He was headed right toward the row of cabins as if he belonged there. Jake adopted an equally bold approach as he stepped off the porch.

“Hey mate, don’t s’pose you’ve got a light? Me and the missus want to light a fire,” he said in a perfect Australian accent.

Morgan saw the assassin raise a medium length rifle under his coat, preparing to shoot from the hip to take Jake down.

“Hey, don’t be an asshole,” she heard from Jake, and then a thump…”